What We Measure

Just because you do not have a disease does not mean you are healthy. Wellness can be measured objectively. Measuring Wellness offers a unique analysis of common blood chemistry parameters that identify where your body is struggling to maintain balance even is advance of the dysfunctions that lead to disease.

Human metabolism operates optimally when blood chemistry maintains itself within narrow ranges. This process is very complex and is called homeostasis. When blood chemistry values deviate from these true, normal ranges they reflect underlying dysfunctions. These dysfunctions or defects appear before a true disease develops. They can accurately be called “subclinical defects”.

Western medicine laboratory “normals” are set to define diseases not dysfunctions. Thus, these “subclinical defect/dysfunctions” go largely unrecognized by well-trained annd well-meaining physicians. The symptoms that may (or may not) accompany these imbalances are subtle and might leave you feeling “suboptimal”. However, if treated through lifestyle, dietary changes, and/or appropriate supplements (medical foods), subclinical defects can be reversed in advance of more serious dysfunctions which eventually progress into full blown diseases.

Your body and its metabolism function like a finely-tuned high-performance sports car, and your biochemistry is the dashboard. The biochemistry of your body can be scientifically tracked by objective laboratory data. These data are like an ongoing weather report, transmitted by your very own body, that tells both how it is doing and what it needs to function better.

Recognizing that your body can create your best performance and promote longevity through correct metabolic maintenance is the foundation that promotes wellness. Medicine is what your doctor does for you. Health is what you give to yourself.

Measuring Performance
Whether you are a Weekend warrior, enthusiast, amateur or professional athlete, you’ll perform at their best and get the most enjoyment from exercise if your health is optimized. When you hit the gym, road or trails, optimal health will give you the most from your workouts. Because your metabolism is finely tuned, you will get more benefit from less working out. Notice significant gains in performance simply by supporting your metabolism and you will feel better while you do the activities you enjoy. A single analyte deficiency or excess will influence your metabolism. Don’t let less-than-optimal health prevent you from performing at your best. Feel your best and maximize your gains. Measure your Wellness."
Measuring Restoration
Busy lives distract us from ourselves. Years of self-sacrifice and personal neglect take a toll on our metabolism. Refocus some of your valuable time on you and take the first step towards restoring your youthful self. Rest assured that those surrounding you will be thankful, as they will see a new, invigorated you. Our diets, exposure to environmental toxins and numerous other factors gradually create imbalances in our metabolism. Balance is not difficult to restore, but it does require accurate measurement and our rededication to caring for ourselves. Simple lifestyle and dietary changes and supplementation are all that’s required. You owe it to yourself and those around us to ensure we are at your best, inside and out.
Measuring Longevity
What scares us about growing older is not age itself, but the our perception that advanced age comes with poor health. This paradigm does not have to be the case. By keeping your metabolism in optimal condition, aging is little more than extra birthdays to celebrate. You can keep you vigor, enthusiasm and mental acuity.
Measuring Productivity
Would you ask your staff to due less-than-perfect work? Would you request that they give less-than their best? As an employer these questions would appear absurd. However, by leaving your staff’s wellness to chance, less-than their best is what you’re getting. By offering this simple, voluntary benefit to your staff, you can ensure your company has the opportunity to reach it’s potential. Provide the opportunity for your staff to Measure their Wellness and see for yourself how staff performance, enthusiasm, and even relationships will improve. Fatigue has very detrimental effects in the workplace. For example, even improving someone’s energy level can have a profound impact on the perception of their role, career, and those around them.